A Very Spatial Christmas

22 December 2016


'Twas the night before Christmas, and at the North Pole
Santa’s sleigh was all loaded; he had but one goal
A global delivery, and all in one eve
But luckily Santa has tricks up his sleeve

He needs to make sure that no children are missed
So ‘Naughty’ and ‘Nice’ are on separate lists
Avoiding confusion, now Santa embraces
His lists being versioned inside databases

Addressing’s a nightmare; a mess the world over
But luckily Santa’s got good geocoders
He puts in the child’s street, city and nation
And gets back an accurate geolocation

His data is ready; he puts on his suit
While the network analysis builds him a route
The ‘travelling salesman’ problem is solved
When a geostatistical package’s involved

Of late, Santa Claus has been strongly inclined
To keep all of the data inside ArcOnline
It’s a proper account; all the elves are named users
(And so’s Mrs Claus – he just couldn’t refuse her)

The data is loaded inside Navigator
He doesn’t get lost; his phone has a locator
He cruises the skies as he checks the directions
And makes sure he’s using a local projection

To keep track of where he’s delivered the presents
He divided his route into multiple segments
And then, when he’s finished a job in one sector
He marks it as ‘Done’ on his phone in Collector

“On Dasher! On Dancer!” He calls from the sleigh
“We must make great haste; we must not go astray”
And when they arrive to the edge of the city
He lands on the roof and hops straight down the chimney

He arrives to find stockings put out with great care
In the hopes of receiving new mapping software
They’d asked for a copy of Arc 10.5
And were eagerly waiting to see what arrived

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa’s success
Was because of the way he could use GIS
So he calls as the reindeer once more take flight,
“A goodnight to all, and to all a goodnight!”

- Natalie Scott