Conference Talk

8 December 2014

ESRI Conf 2


In recent months, Interpret have been involved in two Esri User Conferences. We attended the NZ Esri User Conference held at SkyCity Auckland in August where we had a booth, and also presented a number of presentations. The booth was a great success where our theme this year was ‘lego’.  Lego was used as a comparison to how GIS systems data management can be constructed as one builds a lego structure. It all starts with a solid base, which allows for cost effective development and solutions feeding off the same solid foundation.

Four Interpret staff members presented their work this year. Helen discussed how accessibility modelling can help us based on a large analytical project for Hamilton City Council. Dale presented on ‘Mapping Road Network Performance’ using new emerging digital data sources. This presentation was based on a research project completed for the NZ Transport Agency. Subodh presented on work completed by Interpret for the New Zealand Police. This complex, detailed spatial analysis project provided the Police with prioritised locations of where to best site the new generation speed cameras to save as many lives as possible. Lastly, Natalie co-presented with Andy Cullen from Enable Networks Ltd on Esri based solutions and developments helping Enable significantly improve their business practises and ensure their staff are increasingly efficient at the tasks required of them.

Kurt attended the Esri Australia OZRI user conference in Adelaide this October. The venue was the fantastic new Adelaide Oval where Australia Esri GIS community networked and presented their work to each other. It was a great event where Kurt presented how the New Zealand Police are utilising Esri GIS solutions to determine road safety factors and where to locate speed cameras amongst other benefits for wider traffic enforcement.