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Conference Talk

ESRI Conf 2

Posted by on 8 December 2014


In recent months, Interpret have been involved in two Esri User Conferences. We attended the NZ Esri User Conference held at SkyCity Auckland in August where we had a booth, and also presented a number of presentations. The booth was a great success where our theme this year was ‘lego’.  Lego was used as a comparison to how GIS systems data management can be constructed as one builds a lego structure. It all starts with a solid base, which allows for cost effective development and solutions feeding off the same solid foundation.

Four Interpret staff members presented their work this year. Helen discussed how accessibility modelling can help us based on a large analytical project for Hamilton City Council. Dale presented on ‘Mapping Road Network Performance’ using new emerging digital data sources. This presentation was based on a research project completed for the NZ Transport Agency. Subodh presented on work completed by Interpret for the New Zealand Police. This complex, detailed spatial analysis project provided the Police with prioritised locations of where to best site the new generation speed cameras to save as many lives as possible. Lastly, Natalie co-presented with Andy Cullen from Enable Networks Ltd on Esri based solutions and developments helping Enable significantly improve their business practises and ensure their staff are increasingly efficient at the tasks required of them.

Kurt attended the Esri Australia OZRI user conference in Adelaide this October. The venue was the fantastic new Adelaide Oval where Australia Esri GIS community networked and presented their work to each other. It was a great event where Kurt presented how the New Zealand Police are utilising Esri GIS solutions to determine road safety factors and where to locate speed cameras amongst other benefits for wider traffic enforcement.

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It's Playtime at Interpret!

Image playground

Posted by on 8 December 2014


The Interpret team have been busily collecting data for the public launch of their playground mapping website that coincided with GIS Day celebrations.

The idea for the website was spawned by Dale, who along with her family, has made a hobby out of searching for and exploring the many and varied playgrounds the city has to offer.

Primarily Christchurch focused at this stage, over 480 playgrounds across the greater city area (including Selwyn and Waimakariri) have been mapped using data gleaned from Canterbury Maps, Open Street Map and council websites. The latest Community and Imagery Basemaps provided by Eagle Technology also proved invaluable for verifying playground locations and street addresses.

A beta website of playgrounds has now been launched: The site makes use of the ArcGIS Online platform to store and edit the playground features, while the beta site was developed using the JavaScript Web App builder.

Further validation and editing of playground sites and features is now being undertaken, including site visits to gather photographs and other information such as appropriate age ranges, the play features provided, and associated features such as toilets, drinking water, picnic tables and seating. The collection of this data has been enabled through the use of field collection applications including Collector for ArcGIS and a browser-based editing website.

If you are interested in being involved in the data collection and updating process, or have any suggestions for enhancing the mapping website, please contact Dale.

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Interpret takes on summer intern

HAMISH Scenic Low

Posted by on 8 December 2014


Hamish Kingsbury is joining the team at Interpret over the summer while he works on an innovative road safety project.  The project looks to develop a GIS-based tool that calculates road safety risk along different routes between any specified origin and destination. The tool applies GIS network analysis models to allow users to specify the extent to which they are prepared to travel a longer time or distance in order to travel on a safer route.  Hamish will create an interactive website where users would specify an origin and destination along with their potential tolerance for additional time or distance. The website will identify the safest route that meet their criteria.

This is a great opportunity for Hamish to use some of the skills he has developed at university and apply them to the real world. No doubt he will pick up a few new skills on the way!

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Staff Profile: Dale Harris

dale harris 03

Posted by on 5 December 2014


Dale Harris joined Abley Transportation Consultants (Interpret’s parent company) at the end of 2012 as a GIS Analyst / Transportation Planner.

Since joining Interpret, Dale has been involved in a wide range of GIS-related projects for local and central government clients. Her current area of focus is transport GIS applications, including the field of road safety and efficiency and intelligent transport systems. Dale was recently involved in an NZ Transport Agency research project identifying how emerging digital data can be used to assess the efficiency of the State Highway network. Other transport-related work Dale is involved in includes overseeing urban KiwiRAP road risk mapping projects, developing a GIS-based curvature and speed model for the NZ Transport Agency’s Eastern Bay of Plenty Signature Project, and supporting the New Zealand Police Speed Camera site selection process.

Before committing to a GIS career, Dale spent five years working as a policy planner at the Christchurch City Council. This background means she has a unique insight into GIS-related land use, streetscape and transport planning projects. She also has an understanding of the challenges faced by local and central government clients in accessing geospatial data and delivering GIS-based projects.

Dale is also passionate about sharing knowledge of geospatial techniques and practices, recently presenting to final year Lincoln University students and has experience in delivering GIS user training to non-technical audiences.

Outside of work Dale enjoys play-time with her husband and four-year-old daughter – so much so that she built her own playground mapping website, as detailed in this newsletter…

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