Ecan Depot Routing App

27 October 2015

Ecan Widget image


Environment Canterbury (ECAN) regularly visits consent locations throughout the Canterbury Region. Often multiple consents are visited in one trip. ECAN would like to accurately and fairly split the costs of visiting these consents to each consent holder. Interpret has developed a custom widget, the Trip Distance Calculator, using ESRI’s WebApp Builder. This allows consent officers at ECAN to input consent locations and their start/end locations before or after a trip to visits consent holders. The widget will then return a number of values which can be used to accurately and fairly calculate what to charge each consent holder. By building the Trip Distance Calculator Interpret was able to ensure cross-platform and cross-browser reliability and scalability. The WebApp Builder allows developers to use either preconfigured widgets in their web applications or to build their own. Due to the uniqueness of ECAN’s problem, Interpret decided to build a custom widget. ECAN is then able to incorporate the widget into their existing web applications.

Due to the complexity of some scenarios, three separate routing functions are required to ensure the correct results are returned. The first routing function calculates the shortest route from the start location, to the selected consents or addresses, and on to the selected destination. The second routing function determines which depot each consent (or address) is closest to and calculates that distance. The third routing function sorts each consent into their respective zones. It then calculates the shortest route, starting and ending at the respective depot, between all consents in that zone. The distances are summed and returned.

All these distances help ECAN to effectively and fairly manage their costs associated with consent visits. From the values returned by the web application built by Interpret, ECAN is able to divide the costs between each consent holder and easily identify mileage costs that ECAN will write off.