4 September 2017

business innovation

Blog written by Natalie Scott, Senior Consultant at Interpret

At Interpret, we aim to be a completely values driven organisation. Here's the second in a series of five blogs, which explores what our company values mean to me, and how we as a team seek to embody those values in everything we do.

Innovation: Doing things better

Innovation is a word that gets thrown around alot these days. It seems like everyone is keen to try doing things differently – and that’s great. In an industry that moves as fast as ours, it’s critical to keep changing. But I think innovation is different from simply doing the same things in a different way – it’s about doing things better.

So what does innovation mean for us? At Interpret, innovation is the insatiable desire to push the boundaries of what technology can do. It’s the drive to try new things, or old things with new knowledge, and to see if they can be improved upon. It’s a refusal to accept that yesterday’s ‘good enough’ should be the default standard.

We try to foster innovation in all areas of our business, including in discussions on how we should ‘do’ innovation. This means that we listen to the ideas that bubble up, and help our people to turn the best ideas into reality. We learn from our mistakes. Unsuccessful attempts of innovation can be just as important as the successful ones, as long as we are always learning about how we could do it better next time. And we temper our ideas with the reality of business. This means that we make sure innovation is undertaken in appropriate contexts to give the best outcome for our clients and our organisation.

Enabling innovation is a combination of having smart, curious people, and providing an environment that is open to "incubating" ideas, to find out if there is a real business opportunity to move forward with. Successful innovation involves guiding ideas from ‘innovation for innovation’s sake’ to a finished product or solution that can be used to help people and organisations.

It's this attitude that has resulted in award-winning work. When faced with a problem, Interpret’s people really enjoy finding ways through, over, under or around the obstacles. This leads to a process of continuous improvement, with ongoing small tweaks to take advantage of technological change and new knowledge.

As part of doing innovation better, we’re always keen to hear from others in our industry, in terms of innovation, what has worked and what doesn’t? We’d love to hear your thoughts...