18 September 2017

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Blog written by Natalie Scott, Senior Consultant at Interpret

At Interpret, we aim to be a completely values driven organisation. Here's the fifth in a series of five blogs, which explores what our company values mean to me, and how we as a team seek to embody those values in everything we do.

Professional: Doing the right things

We highly value professional behaviour.  We think it's important to hold ourselves, our clients and peers to a high standard of professionalism, to ensure everyone gets a good outcome when working together.

So, what does Professionalism mean to us? It means that we engage with our industries, and invest our time and effort into making them better. This may involve serving on professional committees, helping with paper selection for conferences, or volunteering time with schools and universities to share our love of all things GIS. It means that we commit to upholding professional standards of ethics, doing what we say we will do and being held accountable for the results of our actions. It also means we are engaged with the industry and our peers, to stay abreast of change and to understand what that might mean for us.

Being professional also means an ongoing commitment to professional development, which we undertake in a variety of ways. The team at Interpret are strongly encouraged to attend conferences and industry events. We also do our best to share the work we do both internally and externally, by presenting at conferences and in-house "brown bottle" events, writing articles for industry publications and being willing to help others with similar problems. 

Aligning with our value of Professionalism sometimes brings challenges. In an industry that moves fast, it’s important to know where our own bounds of competence are. By understanding what being professional means, we always strive to do the right things, and can recognise and fix problems as they arise. This ties in closely to our value of delivering "Quality", where we commit to doing things the right way.

Our commitment to professionalism also means that we are members of a number of different professional organisations. Several Interpret staff are members of SSSI and are working towards attaining GISP-AP status. We are an affiliate member of SIBA, the Spatial Industries Business Association, and all staff belong to the New Zealand Esri Users Group. Our commitment to doing the right thing has helped us achieve our Silver-tier Esri Partner status, and we have recently been certified as New Zealand’s first FME Solution Providers with Safe Software.