Living our Company values: "Quality"

31 August 2017

Blog written by Natalie Scott, Senior Consultant at Interpret

At Interpret, we aim to be a completely values driven organisation. Here's the first in a series of five blogs, which explores what our company values mean to me, and how we as a team seek to embody those values in everything we do.

Quality: Doing things right

We love what we do, and believe it’s important to do things right. It’s this that underpins our value of "Quality". We seek to make sure that all of the work we do is of the highest quality. It's a team effort, relying on commitment from everyone across the organisation to bring their "A" game. This might involve peer reviewing technical work, maintaining accurate and up-to-date documentation, or simply being open to discussing the projects we’re working on.

Part of this is about not being afraid to ask for help or clarification if we need it. It’s important that uncertainty is treated as a learning opportunity and is a chance to ensure quality work is the end result, rather than a problem or failing. We treat all projects – both those that went well, and the odd one that didn’t – as case studies for improving our work in the future.

As part of our commitment to delivering quality work, many of Interpret’s staff have achieved technical certifications. This includes Esri Desktop and Developer certifications, FME certified professional status and project management certifications. Of course, fancy certificates don’t necessarily translate into quality outcomes. But we believe that by inspiring our staff to achieve these certifications, we are developing the skills which underpin our commitment to quality and technical excellence.

The quality of our work is recognised in many ways, both large and small. We’re proud to see our clients and work recognised at events like the ACENZ (Association of Consulting Engineers NZ) awards, NZ Spatial Excellence Awards and IPENZ (Institute of Professional Engineers NZ) conferences. Our work is also frequently recognised outside of New Zealand, at conferences and industry events in Australia and the United States.

But perhaps the most satisfying element of our work is when we get feedback from our clients saying that we’ve helped them solve a problem, work smarter or faster or added value to their business. While we strive for technical excellence in all that we do, we can’t forget that the work needs to be applied in a real-world context, to solve real-world problems. Quality is key at all stages of the process. 

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