30 June 2014



Interpret prides itself on thinking big and doing more with data, and recently we’ve had the chance to put this into practice for fibre network provider Enable Services Limited (Enable). Utilities companies like Enable frequently deal with the requirement to produce maps of their infrastructure in an on-demand basis. These maps can be produced manually case-by-case, but this is a time-consuming process and leads to inconsistencies in map outputs. The spatial data for these is usually held within a GIS, but the people who produce these maps are not always geospatial professionals.

Interpret has developed a lightweight desktop application for Enable that allows users to produce these maps with just a few button clicks. The program Is quick to install and easy to operate, with a user-friendly interface. A few simple options mean that the users can always generate the maps they need without hassle.

Users have the option of entering an address, which returns a map centred on a single address point at a pre-determined scale. Sometimes the area of works is larger, including multiple streets or an entire suburb. In these cases, the user can use Google Earth to sketch a larger area. This area is then automatically broken up into a series of maps covering the specified region.

The result of this approach is that maps are produced faster, more consistently and more accurately than if they were created individually – supporting Enable’s team to be more productive. In extreme cases, a difficult set of maps that may previously have taken up to an hour to produce can now be generated in less than a minute. This has allowed the staff at Enable to work smarter rather than harder, and to produce better results for their customers.

Interpret’s approach to automated mapping is highly customisable for any specific type of map. In addition to the work we have done with Enable, we have also built applications to automate the production of maps for Land Information Memorandum (LIM) at local councils.
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