30 June 2014

CTOC Webviewer


Christchurch Transport Operations Centre (CTOC) has joined forces with Interpret to manage the complaints data associated with Christchurch road users. CTOC are a partnership between Christchurch City Council, the NZ Transport Agency and Environment Canterbury, who are now using Interpret on an ongoing basis to help manage, assemble and present Christchurch complaints data.

The service is completed monthly, with CTOC providing Interpret with a spreadsheet of the previous months’ complaints data. Interpret provides a service which takes the raw data and presents it in a webviewer, making it visible and accessible improving decision making. The intuitive ease of use as well as the power of being able to visually compare specific months, make the webviewer an incredibly powerful tool, containing all the information previously stored in the spreadsheets. Included as part of the service are downloadable pdf documents created each month, which also displays the most recent data, but formatted into a tidy, printable document to use offline. These documents are available online as part of the webviewer.

The exciting aspect of this ongoing project is the idea that a cost effective project can have a large impact. The combination of spatial and temporal data displayed in an interactive webviewer makes managing and accessing the complaints data far simpler. The practicality and spatial presentation provides a significant and lasting impact on the previously extremely time-consuming and manual process. Although the service is still fresh, the reception to date has been entirely positive.

Interpret Contact: Kurt Janssen
tel: + 64 3 367 9008