Strictly Spatial #1

9 October 2015


We welcome you to our regular Strictly Spatial blogs

Spatial technology is an ever changing environment, continually growing and evolving. A lot changes happen in a year, heck a lot changes happen every day. All the time new technologies, new processes, new ideas are being developed, making working in the field of spatial technology a fluid and dynamic occupation. Strictly Spatial is a fortnightly roundup of some of the most exciting and important news, blogs, events and applications relating to GIS and spatial technology. Make sure to subscribe to the blog, as well as follow us on Twitter @InterpretGS

 The Interpret office is beehive of activity at the moment, with an array of engaging projects, exciting events and new faces. We would like to introduce Santosh who recently joined the team from Lubbock University in Texas.  Kurt, Amanda and Geoff attended the Canterbury Software Summit on the 1st of October, which was a successful and engaging event, while Senior Consultant Dale Harris is off to the Gold Coast in mid-October for a Road Safety Conference. The team has had six presentations accepted for the NZ Geospatial Research Conference being held this December at Canterbury University in Christchurch. This is extremely exciting for us as it gives us a chance to present a wide variety of the great projects and cutting edge ideas which the team has been working on over the past year. For more information on the conference, make sure to subscribe to the blog, as well as follow us on Twitter @InterpretGS.

 Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS – Live Sites Showcase

If you’re interested in the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder then check out how some other GIS users are making use of it. There are some really cool sites being built, and some significant information being presented.

 Geo Business and Social Media: Blogs, Twitter and Facebook

Like Interpret, you may be interested in how social media influences and effects the GIS and geo business environment. This post, from the webpage Digital Geography, while focusing on the German (geo)economic landscape, does highlight some key points and observations about the youth-driven social media environment and what it means for the geo-industry.

 GIS and Asset Data Collection Made Easy With Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has exploded over the past decade, and GIS and asset data collection has evolved accordingly. Cloverpoint highlights 5 mobile solutions currently available to support data capture while out in the field, using a mobile device.

 Building Better Civil Solutions with Agile Government

Agile Development refers to how drastically modern technology has quickened the pace of software application development. This idea is compared to how Government operates and how it can become more agile with the use of GIS.

 5 New Ways to View Transit

Jennifer Bell of Esri takes a look into urban transit, who is served by your cities transit system, how it changes throughout the day, and what is the best way to analyse service areas.  The article looks into new approaches when working with transit data, and different ways to analyse it. There is even a cool Story Map to go along with it!

 We are proud to be supporting the FIG 2016 International conference which is being held in Christchurch next year from 2-6 May 2016 at Horncastle Arena and Addington Raceway. The theme is “recovery from disaster” which reflects New Zealand’s experience recovering from the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Our very own Amanda is a member of the Local Organising Committee and is enjoying bringing a spatial perspective to the conference. For more information or to register for the event check out the website: