Strictly Spatial #2

27 October 2015


Let’s take a look at some GIS stories from the past few weeks: Esri have added an exciting new feature to Story Maps, India are looking to make GPS mandatory in all mobile phones, and the 3D Mapping and Modelling could be worth 17 Billion USD by 2020, along with all sorts more.

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Using Create Story to choose a Story Map

If you’ve begun to use Esri Story Maps, or are thinking about using them, it’s been made even easier to get started. Create Story is a new feature which lets you make your choice of story based on an expert opinion. You get just the right Story Map for the story you want to tell. Story Maps are a great way to harness the power of maps and geography to tell a story, as they combine web maps with text, images and other content to generate an interactive narrative.

India to make GPS mandatory in all mobile phones - VIDEO

This short video details how the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India wants to make GPS technology mandatory in all mobile phones, as an aid for emergency services to find the exact location of those calling for assistance.

3D Mapping and 3D Modelling Market Worth 16.99 Billion USD by 2020

New market research indicates huge growth in the 3D mapping and modelling market, which is currently worth approximately 1.90 Billion USD. Google, Apple, SAAB and Autodesk are mentioned as companies which are key market players in 3D Mapping and Modelling, and are likely to drive the huge growth. Read more about this here.

Esri's ArcGIS Full Motion Video Add-In Demonstrated at GEOINT 2015 - VIDEO

Esri solution engineer Craig Cleveland takes geo-intelligence insider Art Kalinski through the ability to geo-register full motion video inside a map using ArcGIS.

Esri Adds new LiDAR Resource to Learning Library

If you are working with, or interested in, LIDAR data then you need to check out the new Esri Workbook, which presents problems that need to be solved using both LIDAR data and the tools in ArcGIS. There are 10 modules in the book that focus on how to use LIDAR data along with GIS to make decisions on real-world situations.

Are you a Street View James Bond?

This cool game from Maps Mania uses Google Street View and puts the user in the driver’s seat. Your mission is to save Miss Moneypenny who has been captured by the enemy. You must use Street View radar and a series of intercepted photographs to track Miss Moneypenny’s assailants hiding her somewhere in London. Its fun and interesting use of Google Street View which will have you calling on your spatial skills to help save poor Miss Moneypenny!

Leica and Bentley team up for 3D Photogrammetry

It has been announced that Bentley Systems’ Acute3D software will be incorporated with Lecia Geosystems to generate full 3D from photogrammetric surveys. This is to be used for both UAV and piloted aircraft, and users will now be able use digital photography to produce full 3D models that replicate the real-world context in mapping infrastructure applications.