Strictly Spatial #21

11 August 2016


In this fortnight’s Strictly Spatial we look at alternatives to Esri Story Maps, the development of Rio’s Olympic venues, how round and how rectangular countries are, some new software from Esri and to finish it off, a sky diving game making the most of Google Maps.

Strictly Spatial 21aStory Maps are a great way to share information, photos or videos on a map. Esri has their own robust implementation with various themes and layouts. For those of you who don’t use Esri software, Jack Dougherty has developed a leaflet based story map template. The result is a very smooth and clean interface that can be styled to suit your needs. If you’re interested in using or adapting this template, you can find the well documented source code on GitHub. If this leaflet implementation doesn’t quite fit you needs, have a look at examples by Mapme, CartoDB or StoryMap JS.

Strictly Spatial 21bWith the Rio Olympics in full swing it’s often difficult to think of the work that went into developing the facilities used by the Olympians in their respective sporting disciplines. The team at Geoawesomeness have made use of historical satellite imagery from Terraserver to generate some animations showing the development at three key Olympic sites. You can check these out here.

 The 2016 International Esri User Conference was held last month in San Diego. During the conference many questions were asked regarding ArcGIS Pro. For those of you who were unable to make the UC, Esri has released a blog post outlining the top 10 questions asked about ArcGIS Pro. For those of you interested in 3D, but unsure of some of the new terms, Esri has published a glossary of these important 3D terms.

Strictly Spatial 21cHave you ever wondered which country is the most rectangular, or which is the roundest? No? well, nor had I – until I saw these two websites (rectangular, roundest). The first uses the programing language R to determine a countries’ rectangular nature whilst the second makes use of Python to determine how round a country is. In each instance, New Zealand scores reasonably poorly, ranked 156 with a score of 0.767 for rectangular and ranked 186 with a score of 0.437 for roundness.

Strictly Spatial 21dEsri has recently announced the release of a new piece of software, Insights for ArcGIS. This software offers new ways to analyse and visualise your spatial data. Esri Australia have written an interesting blog post on this product. It is a very interesting article which provides some insights to Insight - couldn’t resist! If this software sounds like something that can help you get more out of your data, you can read Esri Australia’s blog post here.

Have you skydived? Are you worried that the parachute might not open? What about skydiving with no parachute and relying on a 30x30ft net to catch you… Recently an American daredevil did just that. You can read about his death defying stunt here. Off the back of such a stunt, Google Maps Mania has released a blog post that contains two fun browser based skydiving games, you check out the article here.

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