Strictly Spatial #3

6 November 2015


Mapbox have put together an impressive animated map of atmospheric water, Bentley Systems provide a general access software to create accurate 3D models, and Esri create a new tool called AppStudio for building native apps, along with heaps more GIS news from the past fortnight.

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GIS Day is Fast Approaching

Wednesday 18 November is international GIS day! GIS Day is a great time for all GIS users to celebrate with each other and promote GIS around the world, discover and explore the benefits of GIS, showcase the uses of GIS and build and nurture the GIS community. Jack Dangermond, Esri President and co-founder, credits Ralph Nader with being the person whom inspired GIS Day, which first took place formally in 1999. 

Animated Atmospheric Water

Following on from their fantastic map of Hurricane Patricia, Mapbox have created an impressive animated map of NOAA’s 3-hour interval GFS model composite of perceptible water in the atmosphere. Using the Mapbox GL video overlay capabilities, Mapbox have put together some fantastic maps that are well worth checking out. 

GIS Drones Could Be a Game-Changer, Lift US Economy

The Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) forecast that the economic impact of integrating unmanned aerial systems in the US economy will exceed $13.6 billion and add 70,000 new jobs by 2017. 

Creating accurate 3D models from photographs

Following up from the last blog, Bentley Systems have new general access software called ContextCapture, which uses photographs to generate 3D models of real-world infrastructure. The software allows users to take photos with any digital camera and easily produce high resolution 3D models of existing conditions. 

Satellite Imagery Could Boost Wildlife Conservation

A recent issue of the journal Nature has an essay outlining how satellite imagery can be used by scientists to track animal species and other ecological information, in order to get a better scope on wildlife conservation. Satellite imagery and other technology can be used to gather information from locations which are too remote or otherwise unsafe to work in, which scientists may otherwise have no access too. 

AppStudio for ArcGIS: A New Platform for Building Native Apps

It is now easy for ArcGIS users to build native apps using AppStudio, a new tool from Esri. AppStudio is a cost-effective way to create apps and get them out to clients or the public through all popular app stores or securely within an enterprise. Apps created using AppStudio are able to run on; Android, iOS, Windows, OS X and Linux devices.