Strictly Spatial #4

26 November 2015


This month we celebrated GIS Day on the 18th of November! This edition of Strictly Spatial takes a look at the emergence of adding sound to Street view, the digitisation of Historic New Zealand Imagery from LINZ, and a fun game involving a world map and the names of famous bands. Take a look at these and the other items in Strictly Spatial #4.

How many times have you had to try and explain what GIS is after telling people what you do? In celebration of International GIS Day this article takes a look into what GIS is, and is not in the world today. There are some good tips and key words to guide you through informing people unfamiliar with GIS, helping make the world more spatially aware.

 Women in GIS has a new home

Women in GIS or WIGIS have a new webpage and are welcoming any women working in the geospatial industry around the globe to join up and get involved. The monthly interview series, ‘Who We Are’, features a different woman within the geospatial community, while the rest of the site contains various online resources for women currently in the GIS community or looking to get into a career in GIS.

 The Sounds of Street View

The GIS blog ‘Maps Mania’ takes a look into the emergence of web pages which are adding sounds to Google Street View. Jumper has some iconic Street View locations with the addition of appropriate music, such as traffic and crowd noise at Times Square or ukulele music accompanying the images in Honolulu Hawaii. Amplifon has also been developing a platform called Sounds of Street View which allows users to add sound to Street View locations.

 World of Music

Take one cool old fashioned world map, the names of heaps of bands which include place names, and add a two minute clock while guessing where the bands come from, and you have the formula for a fun and educational online spatial game. It’s addictive and surprising so test your musical and geographic knowledge.

 Historic Imagery is here - LINZ

LINZ has made a several digitised images from the Crown Historic aerial photo archive available for download from Flickr. LINZ indicates that progress is being made with the valuable archives imagery, as 20% is now digitised. You can see the digitised surveys (published on Flickr) here.

 ESRI Asia Pacific User Conference

The 2015 Esri Asia Pacific User Conference (APUC) is being hosted by Esri Thailand from the 31st of November to the 1st of December 2015. Esri specialists will be presenting everything from 3D cartography to geodesign, as well as all sorts of projects and applications of Esri software used throughout the global geospatial community.

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