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ArcGIS Online Tip

Posted by Kurt Janssen on 17 April 2015

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Adding a Geocoder to ArcGIS Online if you do not have a default basemap gallery configured

Recently we had a problem trying to add a new geocoding service to our ArcGIS Online Organisation which was hosted on one of our ArcGIS Servers. ArcGIS Online would allow the adding of a new geocoder under utility services, but once saved the page would hang.

AGOL Geocoder

We tested different user accounts, group settings and hosting the geocoder on different servers (10.2 and 10.3). We narrowed the problem down to our ArcGIS Online account. Eagle was able to add our geocoder to their account, and we were able to add it to a clients ArcGIS Online account. We were however unable to add a geocoder hosted by Eagle to our ArcGIS Online account which confirmed an issue with Interpret's ArcGIS Online account.

After troubleshooting with Eagle and Esri the problem was solved by changing the basemaps (My Organization > Edit Settings > Map) to the default Esri Basemaps (We had custom basemaps setup as our default basemap gallery).

AGOL Basemaps

Tweaking this to the Esri defaults allowed us to add and save the geocoder succesfuly to our ArcGIS Online account. Once satisfied it was working we then changed the basemap galley back to the custom settings we had set originally.

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