Welcome back Stacy Rendall

2 August 2017


Welcome back to Stacy Rendall, who has returned to work with our Abley and Interpret teams as a Principal Spatial Researcher. 

We’ve had a relationship with Stacy since 2010, when he was completing his PhD at the University of Canterbury. His thesis combined Accessibility, Activity Modelling and Energy Systems to quantify the transport energy resilience of urban areas. Stacy worked for Abley after completion of his thesis until early 2015, when he left with his partner to travel overseas.

Stacy spent two years in Scotland working for a range of organisations including The Highland Council, Derek Halden Consultancy and Route Monkey.  Clients he worked for included the UK Department for Transport, Shell, Scottish and Southern Energy, and Bristol City Council. While in Scotland his work combined transportation, web and API development, with specific projects focusing on safety, school travel, optimisation algorithms (electric vehicle charging, underground power line routing), and mobility surveys.

Stacy particularly enjoys the variety of interesting projects, great office vibe and social atmosphere at Abley/Interpret, and is loving the new office on Victoria Street!