Work culture

Interpret has a distinct culture which sets it apart from other workplaces. Our staff look out for one another and the company has retained a community vibe as it has grown in numbers. Our staff comment regularly that Interpret is the best work environment they have ever worked in.

Our people work hard and take pride in producing outstanding work which gains praise from clients and professional organisations alike. Our company attracts successful people and the quality of our work reflects this. All staff present regularly at industry conferences and many have won both awards for their presentations and opportunities to present at overseas conferences. Success is an expectation at Interpret and the high standards we set ensures that this occurs.

At the same time, Interpret staff enjoy a large variety of social events and recreational opportunities. These range from lunchtime fitness sessions and casual sport to monthly restaurant lunches and weekend trips to places like Tekapo, Arthurs Pass and Hanmer Springs.

Interesting and varied work

Interpret is involved in a diverse range of projects and leads the industry in many areas, such as:

  • GIS analysis
  • spatial modelling
  • data management
  • FME
  • extract translate and load methodologies
  • Esri web server technologies
  • web development, and
  • ArcGIS online technologies.

Our relatively small team size means that staff are not pigeon-holed. All staff are expected to work on many different types of projects and on different types of GIS applications.

Interpret has a core of senior staff who are highly regarded. This provides a variety of innovative and interesting jobs for our staff to get involved in. The company is often approached to provide advice for high-profile and complex projects due to its excellent track record.

Flexible hours

Staff generally work 8:30pm to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. This is flexible however and many staff choose to start and finish earlier or later to suit their lifestyles and other commitments. Staff can also take a few hours out to attend events or appointments and then make the time up on following days. Some staff also reduce their contracted work hours for short periods in order to fulfil family or other commitments.

Supportive work environment

Equal opportunity

Interpret is an equal opportunity employer and prides itself on giving opportunity to all staff regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. Our team of staff is a veritable United Nations.  Aside from New Zealand, staff originate from the United States, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. The mix of people we have from different backgrounds and experiences brings a broad range of skills to the Interpret team and has contributed to making Interpret the successful company it is.

Graduate programme

Interpret considers providing experience to new professionals of the upmost importance. Each year Interpret recruits GIS graduates who are encouraged to complete the relevant professional certification .

Career planning support and mentoring

Regular catch-ups are organised between team members and their team managers to receive feedback and talk to their managers about any issues or aspirations they may have. A more comprehensive career planning session is conducted every six months. This session involves setting formal goals, planning a pathway to achieve these goals and ensuring that any previously set goals have been met or are in the process of being met.

Professional Recognition

We offer a professional development programme for all our GIS staff.  We support staff in gaining Esri Desktop certifications, and ultimately to gain accreditation as a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP-AP).  GISP-AP certification recognises that benchmark standards have been met in regards to educational achievement, professional experience and contribution back to the industry.  This is an internationally recognised qualification in the GIS industry.

Social and recreational opportunities

All staff are included in our social club which facilitates a range of events including family-friendly events. Examples include stand-up comedy, live shows, orienteering, laser tag and cocktail evenings. The team also facilitates dress-up days where staff come to work dressed for a theme such as the 80s.

Each year, Christmas and mid-winter Christmas dinners are put on for all staff and their partners, with other activities normally offered before the dinner. A weekend away for all staff members and their families is also organised each year.

Interpret provides a range of recreational opportunities that are normally held at lunchtime. These opportunities include CrossFit, yoga, and badminton. It is also common for staff members to organise out-of-work teams to participate in casual sport leagues such as indoor cricket, indoor netball or summer hockey.

Once a month, staff are able to get an on-site massage at a heavily discounted rate. A restaurant lunch is also enjoyed by the entire team at the end of each month. Each Wednesday at Interpret is Baking Day where a few staff members will bake for the rest of the team. Friday drinks are also provided.

You can read more about the social opportunities we offer here.

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