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MERIT (Modelling the Economics of Resilient Infrastructure Tool) is a transportation and economics based tool which is designed to measure the economic impact of interruptions to New Zealand’s transport network. It was developed by the NZ Transport Agency in conjunction with Market Economics. It aims to measure the impact on national and regional GDPs from the closure of key strategic road links, such as after a natural disaster. In order to operate correctly, the tool required a routing engine to determine alternative routes for light and heavy vehicles if a road link were to be closed. 


NZ Transport Agency commissioned Interpret to develop a MERIT front-end website and back-end routing engine. The website allows users to model a road closure and to analyse the implications of the closure on the network. The routing engine calculates the additional vehicle kilometres travelled due to the closure. Results from this process are passed to another tool, which assessed and monetises the impacts on commuters and the flow of commodities. 


The NZ Transport Agency uses the tool to assess the impact of hypothetical road closures, which allows them to better understand the consequences of diversions, long-term roadworks and natural disasters. This has helped to inform the Agency’s efforts in developing a resilient network for New Zealanders. Interpret are continuing work to develop and expand the tool.


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