With a port at the heart of Auckland and freight hubs scattered across the North Island, Ports of Auckland are a major link the nation’s logistical chain. Population growth and a fixed land footprint mean that demand for shipping will soon outstrip supply, prompting the port to develop a set of projects to increase capacity without expanding their waterside holdings. As part of a wider campaign to publicise this plan, POAL needed a website that was mobile-friendly, map-integrated, low maintenance, and easy to update.


Through their ArcGIS Online subscription POAL have access to Esri Story Maps – cloud-hosted websites with full webmap integration. Interpret took content produced by the port and three external consultancies and integrated it into a microsite – fully owned and editable by the client – and saw it made available at


On release day TV, radio, and online news traffic was directed to the site. There was never a question of failure, as Esri dynamically scales the hardware running a website as user demand increases. Training sessions will allow POAL to update the site as projects reach completion, ensuring that it remains a valuable tool in their public outreach arsenal. 

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Natalie Scott
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