1. The Mission

    Solid Energy requires onsite and remote GIS support for maintaining, upgrading and managing their ArcGIS Server implementation. Solid Energy also required a consultant to develop data migration and manipulation models.

  2. Our Offering

    Interpret provides onsite and remote GIS support to Solid Energy regarding their full GIS infrastructure. We ensure that the servers are running at peak performance and that all tasks being asked of them are being completed successfully and without errors.

  3. The Solution

    We use our ArcGIS Server, Flex, SDE and modelling/scripting skills to provide Solid Energy with an end to end solution. This includes advanced geoproccessing data migration and analysis running as scheduled tasks on the ArcGIS Server as well as real time links to databases enabling the real time tracking of mining vehicles within the web mapping environment.

'Solving complicated problems by collecting, analysing and conveying information'