Automated Mapping4There are many instances where maps must be produced quickly and easily from static or real time datasets. Rather than painstakingly constructing the maps from scratch each time, the process of creating these outputs can be automated. Users enter the identifying data, such as an address, into a small application, and the maps are then produced at the click of a button. Automated mapping allows people without extensive GIS knowledge to produce high quality, consistent maps for use in reports and documents. They are quick to produce and can be set up to include a wide variety of spatial and textual information. A key area in which such technologies could be used is within local councils, where LIM maps are required as part of a LIM Application request. Not only can maps be produced automatically but any required spatial analysis can also be completed. For instance, the location and count of all wells within a 1km radius of a property.

We can build mapping applications to suit your specifications and to create the precise maps that you need. Our team knows how to design maps that will look good and concisely show all the requisite information. These mapping applications can be set up to run as a stand-alone application on a computer, through a local network, or using a web mapping technologies.