Cartography2Cartography is the ability to present spatial data in an accurate, informative and visually appealing way. During the final stages of map production, cartography skills are needed to create outputs that display all of the necessary information in ways that can be quickly and clearly read and understood. This can greatly reduce ambiguity in the interpretation of the final maps, and can help to show relationships between data sets that would otherwise be obscured. It is crucial that the final cartographic offering embodies the key messages the project/map or application originally set out to portray.

Our GIS team excels at creating coherent and intuitive maps. We have won both poster competitions and presented many posters at numerous international conferences.

We firmly believe that the quality of data/analysis and the resultant cartographic products should be given more importance in today’s saturated market of applications/widgets and “flashy” but often meaningless web mapping products. It’s possible to create the most amazing application or web map. but without solid ‘bones,’ its appeal is soon lost. Users soon realise that the data and messages it is trying to portray are either based on poor data/analysis or the messages received are mixed, unambiguous and open to interpretation.