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FME is the Premier Data Manipulation Software Application, by Safe Software. FME supports the reading and writing of over 350 spatial and non-spatial data formats.  In the ideal world, we would have access to a limited number of geospatial formats in the workplace. Translating these formats into our GIS would be simple.  In reality, GIS professionals deal with a substantial number of different data formats from many different systems.  Translating this data to meet your current GIS formats can be time consuming and involve many different steps and repeatable processes.  To further complicate the workflow, the data sets may undergo change, rendering your predefined workflow inoperable.

Interpret can offer a scalable data migration and translation service to meet your workflow needs, both now and for the future.  FME workbench can be configured to operate within your organisation to perform many different workflow scenarios. We can create one-off tasks, or processors designed to run frequently in batch mode.  FME can also be configured to take advantage of remote locations by implementing a web-based solution in the form of FME Server.

Interpret have been recognized as an official "Solution Provider" for Safe Software's Partner Program.  This is in recognition of our capability and commitment to FME, and provides opportunities for our staff to undertake further work and training using the power of FME.

 Using FME helps organisations to realise the value of their data.  It allows diverse datasets to be brought together, regardless of format or structure. Interpret harnesses the power of FME Desktop and FME server to interrogate and transform data, automate workflows and connect applications in ways which were never possible before.

Interpret currently have two certified FME professionals in Todd Davis (pictured below, left) and Alex Oulton.  Together, they have many years of knowledge and experience in the fields of data interrogation, transformation and automation.

Download Interpret FME flyer (pdf, 2MB)

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