Model Builder2Geoprocessing is all about processing spatial data for analysis or display. In many cases, the same sequence of processes must be run multiple times by different people at different times. For the results to be comparable, the processing must be exactly the same each time. One way to achieve this is to model the processes using ModelBuilder or Python.

ModelBuilder is an application that allows geoprocessing modules to be chained together in sequence, and saved as a tool with defined parameters. The user selects the appropriate model and sets the parameters, such as the input data sets or output locations. The model can then be started and left to run in the background or overnight. This makes complex processing options possible without taking up much of the operator’s time. Models may also be run by people with little GIS capability, with the same quality outputs being produced. Python scripting operates in a similar way to ModelBuilder, but offers some different data processing capabilities.

Our GIS team is well versed in both ModelBuilder and Python. We use these tools in our own work for clients as well as creating models and scripts for others to use. We are able to build models and scripts to help you automate your workflow. This will ensure that your data outputs from analysis are comparable/repeatable and documented, saving both time and money.